Download Linux : Tiny Core 4.7

I am pleased to announce the release of Core 4.7.

Change Log:
  • Updated ondemand to suport scm extensions and icons from both tcz and scm.
  • Updated wbar - to support scm ondemand icons.
  • Updated scmapps GUI for new ondemand maintenace and download option.
  • Updated scm-load - new option -wo ondemand download.
  • Updated tc-functions - added new support functions.
  • Updated scm to interface to updated scmaps GUI.
  • New scm-run to support scriptable load and launch scm style extensions.
  • Updated filetool - New GUI access to ,filetool.lst, .xfiletool.lst, and backup options.
  • Updated to interface to updated filetool GUI.
  • Updated apps GUI - New Check Onboot Unneeded and changes required by ondemand scm support.
  • New for cli Core only use.
  • Updated tce-setup for consistency in handling onboot.lst and scmlist.lst.
  • Updated loadcpufreq to allow blacklisting.

Note: Requires new wbar.tcz and Xprogs.tcz (apps, scmapps, filetool) now available in the repository.

Note: Having both scm and tcz in ondemand means changes to tcz ondemand:
  • All ondemand items both scm and tcz will be available in the ondemand menu for supported window managers.
  • From ondemand menu, item will be loaded and if specified by a freedesktop item will also be launched. The regular menu item and icon, if any, will be updated and displayed.
  • Subsequent launching of the item will be via the regular menu or displayed icon.
  • Subsequent ondemand menu selection for an scm item will unmount and remove the regular menu item, and associated icon if any.
  • Subsequent ondemand menu selection for a tcz will produce no action, use regular menu item or icon.
  • All ondemand items need to be re-created for the new format.