Download Linux : Parabola GNU/Linux 2012.10.17

There is a new install medium available created by Esteban Carnevale (alfplayer). We plan to release new installation media monthly.

We have updated packages, fixed bugs and done the following visible changes:
  • First medium with Linux-libre 3.6 (3.6.2) with Atheros AR8162 (ALX driver) support, reported on issue201.
  • The script boot parameter works again, reported on Archlinux Bugs.
  • When booting via PXE and NFS or NBD the ISO will be copied to RAM to ensure a more stable usage.
  • The live medium contains usb_modeswitch and wvdial which e.g. allows to establish a network connection using an UMTS USB dongle.
  • Furthermore the newest version of systemd and netcfg are included.
  • systemd is used to boot up the live system.
  • initscripts are no longer available on the live system but are still installed by default on the target system. This is likely to change in the near future.
  • EFI boot and setup has been simplified.
  • gummiboot is used to display a menu on EFI systems.
  • The following new packages are available on the live system: ethtool, fsarchiver, gummiboot-efi, mc, partclone, partimage, refind-efi, rfkill, sudo, testdisk, wget, xl2tpd.
The live system can be downloaded here below and be used for new installs or as a rescue system.


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