Download Linux : IGOS Nusantara (IGN) 8

IGOS Nusantara 8 or IGN8 been release today on October 16, 2012. IGN8 development conducted by LIPI Informatics Research Centre and supported by the developers / contributors from the open source community in Indonesia. IGN8 development takes a long time, this is caused by a number of variants or types that must be made. There are 10 ISO image that has been available in the server IGOS Nusantara. The number of variants were made to meet the needs of diverse users.

IGN8 comprises LiveCD version and LiveDVDs. LiveCD consists of variants / types of micro, mini and full. LiveCD and LiveDVDs have differences in the number of applications that included:

Micro IGN8 function for browsing, the main applications that are inside only Firefox.
IGN8 Micro Mini = browse audio player / video
IGN8 Full = fill Mini audio player / video LibreOffice several other applications
IGN8 LiveDVDs = 8 Desktop Environment Full contents of many applications.

Display IGN8:

Download the ISO image from the primary server:

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Info about IGOS Nusantara: