Download Linux : Chakra GNU/Linux 2012.10

The Chakra Project Team is proud to announce the third "Claire" release, this codename will follow the KDE SC 4.9 series, and will be dedicated to the memory of Claire Lotion.

Chakra is making the switch to Systemd as default with this release.

It took a good six months of preparations to get to this point, but the full switch to systemd is here. To do so udev is merged into systemd, with systemd being updated to 194. This meant a first .so file jump for libudev, meaning many packages depending on libudev were updated and rebuild. It also meant the removal of consolekit, handled now by polkit and logind. All in all, this has been the biggest change in Chakra's 2 1/2 year existance as an independent distro.
Among all the other updates on this release, KDE 4.9.2, Linux 3.5.6, Kmod 0.10, Cups 1.6.1, Dbus 1.6.4, Qt 4.8.3, Calligra 2.5.3 to name a few.

As with the previous release, Chakra is no longer shipping a GUI for package management. Appset-qt was the GUI for pacman, but was not handling complex updates as should, so it is dropped from this ISO. In the initial phase of using a built from scratch package manager, there will be no GUI for package management either, so this is a good time to let any user get accustomed to this situation. Pacman is the cli frontend for package management, the online package viewer is there for additional info and searches.

It was decided to no longer provide an i686 ISO. You can read more on this decision in this news article.

Chakra is offering only a DVD version with this release. It includes all the language packs, many standard KDE apps, the new calligra 2.5.3, amarok, kde-telepathy, spideroak, printer support, minitube, k3b to name a few.

With this release we offer:
• KDE 4.9.2
• Linux 3.5.6 (3.0.43 optional)
• DVD image, including all locales and a nice selections of apps
• Kapudan, Chakra's desktop greeter, and all around first setup tool
• Artwork theme called "Dharma"
• Latest Grub2-2.00, including graphical dharma theme, Qt 4.8.3
• Enhancements to Chakra tools like cbundle/cinstall, welcome-plasmoid, tribe and spun
• Updated systemd, kmod, mkinitcpio, filesystem, latest proprietary graphics drivers, including the all new catalyst-legacy
• Merge of udev into systemd, 15 dri packages into one mesa, removal of hal, consolekit, initscripts, sysvinit